All Or Nothing - The Jesus Experience

Questions to Go Deeper in your Faith

  1. When you think of all the miracles, healings, and parties that Jesus did and had, which one most excites you and why?

  2. Read Luke 5:33-39. Jesus calls us to fully embrace his new way of trusting him completely rather than ourselves. It’s hard to move to the new way of Jesus because we like the old way so much. Why are we so comfortable in the old way?

  3. Read Luke 6:20-42. Jesus describes the new way. Why is the new way so difficult to embrace?

  4. For further reading about the dangers of holding on to the old way, read Galatians 5:1-15.

  5. Give some examples of how Jesus completely lives out this new way as described in Luke 6:20-42.

  6. This week look for ways you see Jesus’ new way breaking in where the poor are blessed, the hungry are satisfied, the weeping are brought to joy, and enemies are loved.

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