We understand Sunday morning can be a confusing time when visiting a new church. This page is to provide information to make the experience more comfortable for you.

Sunday Mornings

8:45AM Sunday School

10:00AM Worship Service

Worship Service

We are followers of Jesus who love each other and those in the world around us. We worship by holding in tension the deep history of the church and the future we are always moving towards.  In practical terms, this means we have worship elements which the church has been using for 2000 years but we also use video, music, and other means from our current day.
We call this type of worship Ancient Future.

On Sunday Morning

The community of Grace Lutheran PSL gathers at 555 SW Cashmere Blvd, Port St Lucie FL 34986, at 10:00 AM to tell the story of what God has done for us. When you arrive at Grace Lutheran PSL please park either on our paved or grass lot.


Where to Park

We have a paved and grass lot at Grace. The Grass Lot is divided into parking spaces. Look carefully; they can be hard to see.  We strive to be accommodating to all people and ask, if you are able, to park in the grass lot so that those with wheels on walkers and strollers be able to park in the paved section. We have three reserved Visitor Parking Spaces available on the paved area for your convenience.

Main Entrance

When you enter from the parking circle an usher or a member will greet you in the fellowship hall with a bulletin and answers to any of your questions.  Here you will find coffee and cakes. Please take whatever you would like. 


We are a friendly and accommodating people. We gather together to tell the story of salvation every Sunday. We want to make sure everyone is able to get in and out of the Sancuary, and if you are able to walk with ease, we ask you to sit on either the left or right side. This will leave room for those with walkers in the middle sections. 

Quiet Room

Near the sanctuary we have a Quiet Room for children or social anxiety. The Quiet Room has a baby changing station and toys for your little one. The room also has a live video feed of the service, so whether your little one is just too squirmy, you have had another coughing fit, or the crowd tripped your anxiety, this room can be a quiet place to be with the Body of Christ.