Something New - The Jesus Experience

Jesus falls the third time

He weeps with you and with you he will stay

When all your staying power has run out

You can’t go on, you go on anyway.

He stumbles just beside you when the doubt

That always haunts you, cuts you down at last

And takes away the hope that drove you on.

This is the third fall and it hurts the worst,

This long descent through darkness to depression

From which there seems no rising and no will

To rise, or breathe or bear your own heart beat.

Twice you survived; this third will surely kill,

And you could almost wish for that defeat

Except that in the cold hell where you freeze

You find your God beside you on his knees.

Questions to Go Deeper in your Faith

  1. How many new year's resolutions have you made that you have not kept?  Do you have a funny story about a failed resolution?
    Read Luke 4:16-30.  

  2. Jesus quotes from the scroll of Isaiah, that speaks of what the Messiah will do. According to his reading in Luke 4:18-19, what will the promised Messiah do?  From what you know about Jesus how does he fulfill this promise?

  3. Optional Deeper Reading
    Read Isaiah 61, which Jesus quotes here to get the full context.

  4. How do the people react to Jesus saying he will be the one to fulfill this passage?
    What does examples does Jesus allude to in response, to explain who God shows favor to?  (See v. 25-27)?

  5. For deeper context read the stories Jesus alludes to in 1 Kings 17 and 2 Kings 5.  
    How do you respond when you find out Jesus loves people you may not like?

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