As men and women who have been saved by the grace of God in Christ Jesus we have a new identity as Christians. As such we acknowledge our imperfections while at the same time acknowledge that we are robed with the righteousness of Christ. What does all of this mean for the you? It means we need to be constantly fed by God in order to live the new life that He has given us in the most God-pleasing way. It means picking up our cross...following Christ...and living a Christ-like existence before the world. In order to do that we must be strengthened and empowered by God to live that life. Therefore we need to be constantly pursuing Spiritual Growth opportunities to strengthen our relationship with Jesus Christ so that we can produce the good works that are pleasing in His sight.

At Grace we offer you a wide variety of opportunities for Spiritual Growth. I encourage you to take a closer look at the Worship & Bible Study opportunities available at Grace and take advantage of them. I would also encourage you to take a look at our Small Groups (we call the Community Groups) and get involved with one. Finally, I would encourage you to take a look at our Ministries and get involved.

If I can answer any questions for you or assist you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Pastor Gene

Transforming Churches Network
Here at Grace we are currently involved in TCN. TCN seeks to bring about a systemic change in how we do ministry as we seek to reach the lost in our communities for Jesus. As we work through this process we start with establishing the vision to transform us to an outward focused congregation.