Why Do Good Things Happen to Bad People?

We tell our children if they work hard and play by the rules, they’ll succeed in life. Jerks, cheaters, and thieves won’t. They’ll end up in the gutter. Or jail. Or worse.

But if you keep your hands out of the cookie jar, your zipper up, and do your best to walk the straight and narrow, you’ll be okay. God will reward you. You’ll be happy.

The good are Most Likely to Succeed.
The bad are Most Likely to Fail.

But we’re half-lying and half-truth-telling. Life is not nearly so predictably black and white.

There’s the sleazy, fork-tongued blowhard who’s a multimillionaire with a trophy wife, two beautiful children, and Bentley in his eight-car garage. And there’s the sweetest, salt-of-the-earth, virgin-until-her-wedding-night whose husband left her for another woman a few months after she was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

Good things happen to bad people.
Bad things happen to good people.