Mops Valentine Exchange

We had a great 'love' themed meeting. We started off with a Valentines exchange. You know, the kind where everyone gets something (not like in high school where gals with BFs get giant teddy bears and others get nothing):). As us mammas passed out valentines, we recalled that God does not give His love to just a select group of people, He lavishes His love upon us all. 

We also talked about love. God is love, God loves us, therefore we are able to love other people. One way to show love that comes from God and overflows into in our lives is doing acts of service. As moms we are already are serving a ton, but how about letting our little ones serve with us? We challenged each other to think of ways to let our children be involved in acts of love/service. Deliver flowers to neighbors because it's Tuesday, help stamp letters to shut-ins, give out stickers to people who pass by.