Email Blast Feb 13 2019

New Building Voters Meeting Feb 17th

  • After Service on Sunday

  • The meeting will be quick. After we finish the service, we will give instructions for voting, have the vote, and announce the winning vote.  

  • There will be no discussion concerning the vote.

  • We want this to be a quick meeting. After the vote, refreshments will be served as usual.

  • If you have questions about the vote, please watch the video of our public discussion, or contact Pastor or Leigh Liagre

  • Thursday Morning Scripture (Ruth)

    • Join us as we read Ruth (and 1+2 Samuel coming next)

    • Every Thursday at 11am we get together and read a large chunk of scripture and then talk about what we read.

    • Join us for good discussion and a large look at the scriptures.

  • Watch Last Week’s Sermon

    • We’re Not In Kansas Anymore - The Jesus Experience

    • Jesus asks the disciples “Who do people say I am?” They get it right and say he is the messiah. Jesus then goes to the top of the mountain, becoming bright and shiny. We’re not in Kansas anymore - this is literally a mountain-top experience. But when there are mountains, there are also valleys, with crosses, death, and suffering.  We’re not in Kansas anymore.



    • A list of needed items is posted on the bulletin board in the narthex, and a collection box is in the narthex.  Cash donations earmarked “Backpack” may be placed in the offering plate as well. For more information, contact Leigh Liagre.

  • MOPS Helpers

    • Our Mothers of Preschoolers need more volunteers to help watch the little ones.

    • They meet at Grace on Wednesday mornings twice a month.

    • Get in touch with Pastor, Midge, or Judy if you are interested.

  • See you Sunday!