Bahamas Hurricane Relief

Grace is Collecting Items to be Sent to the Bahamas

  • We are collecting

    • Water

    • No Perishable Food Items.

  • Gift of Money

    • The FLGA District of the LCMS is committed to helping the effort and will send 100% of your Disaster Relief gift to help.

      • Give online by going to then clicking online giving. Then designate how much to Disaster Response.

      • Or you can give money designated to FLGA Disaster Responses to grace and we will send it to the FLGA District.

Here is a Letter from our Distinct President Greg Walton

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Greetings in the name of our gracious Savior Jesus!

You have no doubt heard the news of the devastation in the Bahamas. Many of you are also aware that we have one congregation there, Nassau Lutheran Church, located on the Island of Nassau. It sustained no damage, but the big Island, Grand Bahama, is utterly destroyed. These folks need our help. Your help is urgently needed. We are working with Pastor Sam Boodle of Nassau to help assess needs and respond. We invite all congregations to designate a special offering to the Florida-Georgia District for Disaster Assistance for the Bahamas over the next few weeks or donate directly to our disaster fund through the FLGA District website ( Jay Wendland (, our District Disaster Coordinator, will be working with local agencies and contacts in the Bahamas to ensure that donated funds are correctly directed to help those in need get emergency food, clothing, shelter and other basic necessities.

We do understand that there are many local initiatives and agencies also reaching out to help the nation of Bahamas. We do not want to compete, and encourage you to support those ministries and agencies locally as they collect supplies to be shipped to Freeport and Abaco. However, there is plenty to be done, and the Florida-Georgia District will continue to work with the Synod to receive financial contributions to support the long-term work that will be happening in the Bahamas in the coming months and years. We invite you to partner with us in this endeavor as we lift these people in prayer. Thank you!

In His peace,

Rev. Dr. Gregory S. Walton, President

The Florida-Georgia District, LCMS