Law-Abiding Citizens


Among the things that perturb me about modern Christianity is our residual clinging to a sort of “Christian-karma.” You’ve probably read this frustration from me before, but with some recent events in my own life, I feel as though Christians still just don’t get it. We want so much for our deeds and actions to matter that we’ve actually trivialized grace instead of personalized it. We’ve made the Christian life so conditional and provisional, qualitative and restrictive. We’ve degraded the relationship we’re supposed to have and called to have with the Lord Jesus into nothing more than a rigid life of “paying it back” and “balancing the scales.” We’ve crisscrossed the vertical and the horizontal, so that now the minor is majored, the petty is prominent, and the arbitrary is aggrandized. We coerce obedience through convictions instead of cultivate it by grace. We loft our goodness into perfectness so that it’s easier for us to condemn others and exonerate ourselves. We’re lost in karmic realities when we should be lost in cosmic grace.

Let me reiterate very clearly: Christianity isn’t a...............................