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Lost Son Video Mentioned

Pastor Michael Zeigler performs a contemporary rendition of the parable of the Prodigal Son from Luke 15. Zeigler's creative approach is set in an Italian family from New York. The details of this dramatic retelling help connect the parable to the proclamation of the Gospel.

Questions to Go Deeper in your Faith

  1. Describe a time when you lost something very valuable to you. What was it like looking for it, and how did you feel when you found it?

  2. Read Luke 15:11-24 This story describes a very rebellious son who squanders away everything his father has given him. How does the father respond when he returns? Why do you think he responds in that way?

  3. Read Luke 15:25-32 How does the older brother respond to the party thrown by the father for the rebellious son? Why does the older brother respond in this way?

  4. Have there been similar times when you have responded like the older brother, when God shows grace to someone you don’t think deserves it?  

  5. How does the Father respond to the older brother outside of the party?  What is the Father’s response for you when you are acting like the older brother?

  6. Bonus:  For an interesting take on the older brother’s perspective, take a look at this video, done by Pastor Michael Ziegler, the speaker of the Lutheran Hour:

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