Hearing Loop System

Coming on March 10th

Our Church

Now offers a Hearing Loop

for hearing aid users and cochlear implant wearers

With the flip of the hearing aid’s telecoil switch, any sound between a speaker on a podium and the listener in the sanctuary is eliminated, allowing the hearing aid user to hear the speaker clearly and without background noise. 

 Hearing loop systems take sound straight from the sound system and deliver it right into the listener’s hearing and without extraneous background noise without having to pick up a separate listening device.

 Do you wear hearing aids?  All the user needs to do is switch his or her hearing aid or cochlear implant to the “T”, telephone, or hearing loop program.  All but the very smallest modern hearing aids tend to be supplied with this internalt-coil or telecoil.  However, it may not have been activated when the device was originally programmed.  ?  Be sure you know if your aid has a T-coil, and if it is automatically switched on in proper environments or if you need to turn it on (with a switch) when needed.  (Look in your hearing aid instruction book or ask your hearing aid provider if need be). 

 Special thanks to Joe Dashiell ofFlorida Hearing Loops, LLC, a certified installer and provider, for information and help getting looped, and to www.loopwisconsin.com  for the church information wording.