Listen to the Scriptures: Esther

Meet up (Thursday) 11am to listen to the scriptures. 

We are going through Nehemiah on Sundays. Join us as we read Esther. On Thursdays at 11:00 am we will listen to the minor prophet for that week. If you are not able to join us, I encourage you to listen to it with your family. 

Revelation Study

Will Resume Sep 25th



Women's BibleStudy

Will Resume Oct 1st



Voters Meeting

Sunday OCT 1st

We encourage all to attend as we are beginning to listen and talk about the road ahead for Grace Lutheran PSL. 


Luther 500

500 Years ago Luther challenged the church. He challenged them to put Jesus as the focus in there lives, to make our personal theology one about the cross rather than some empty, selfish glory. 


In that same honor, we want to show our community of the Treasure Coast that we love Jesus and all He does. 


Throughout the month of October , as we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, let us look beyond the walls of Grace Lutheran Church and see how we can partner in what Jesus and His followers are doing to help strengthen our brother and sisters outside our walls.


I would like to challenge us as an congregation to tally up at least 500 community service hours throughout the month of October. We will coordinate and advertise a wide variety of service projects and ways to help out neighbors in the coming weeks. 


If any of you have connections or leads on how to serve others in October, please let Pastor Cris know.


MOPS Helpers

Did you know that Grace hosts a mothers of preschoolers group? 

This is a time where moms can come together to talk and support one another. 

We need people who can watch their little ones at Grace while they meet. 

It's just two Wednesdays a month, and your hours can go to the Luther 500 Challenge. 

Talk to Pastor Cris


Saturday worship practice

will not meet this week.  


CareNet Banquet

This event was canceled


See you Sunday!