Email Blast - Dec 23 16'

Greetings and Merry Christmas From Grace Lutheran PSL.

We have just a few announcements and reminders.

 Christmas Eve Services. 

6 Pm English And Korean Candlelight Service
8Pm English Candlelight Service.

Christmas Day

10AM Christmas Day Communion Service.

New Year’s Day

10AM New Year’s day Service.

Service Time Change.

Due to the increased attendance during the winter months. We are going to add a service through the winter.

We love our snow birds, down for the winter months (and the Mets), and we love the new families which will be coming. This also presents a very interesting opportunity to be able to invite your friends or neighbors to Grace. Both services during this winter will be very similar, and have communion.  I have talked to a couple of families which are excited about the earlier time.

Service times on Sunday

Beginning January 8th

8AM Service
9:15AM Sunday School
10:30AM Service.


New Cry Room!

The Live Feed from the sanctuary to the cry room in completed.
If you need to leave the sanctuary for any reason, coughing, crying, anxiety, or boredom. Please feel free to sit in the cry room, it is a quiet place where you can still watch and participate with the community of believers.   

New Website!

While not yet done the new site is live.
Check it out.

 To all who are traveling, stay safe and warm while on the road; and share the warmth and love of our savior with all you meet.

Merry Christmas